Air Duct

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Pre Duct Cleaning

A picture of this homeowners ducts before the duct cleaning was performed. In the back you can see buildup of small paper and miscellaneous debris as well as a layer of dirt and dust towards the front of the photo.

Post Duct Cleaning

An after photo of the ducts seen in picture 1. The ducts now have no dust or debris and look like new.

Trailer Mounted System

A great photo showing our trailer mounted duct cleaning system. The large hoses attach onto your furnace to and then our cleaning system is turned on to force negative air into the duct system and suction out any debris. The large bag fills with whatever might be lurking in your duct system.

Debris Buildup

Horrible debris filled ducts caused by never having the ducts cleaned. Lack of duct cleaning can cause this immense debris buildup.

Another After Photo

Another picture of post duct cleaning. The system now is clean and runs free of allergens and the homeowners are now breathing in healthy clean air.

Before Soda Blasting

Soda blasting the boat bottom to remove old paint and grime that occur over the years.

After Soda Blasting

After the soda blasting process there's now a fantastic surface to apply new paint.